Outpatient Therapy

We are proud to offer Outpatient Therapy for Those in Need in our Community

Outpatient Therapy

Farmington Country Manor is proud to offer Outpatient therapy for those in need in our community. Our outpatients’ clients include both new referrals from physicians and clients that seek a continuum of care in a familiar setting, following an inpatient rehab stay in our back on track program. We offer a separate entrance for this service located on the Northwest corner of the facility. Outpatient Therapy must be provided under the order of a Doctor, so it is important that you speak to your physician about the need for a referral to our facility or provide us with the information needed to contact your physician for you. Medicare Part B and most other major insurances will cover a portion or all of the cost for service. Our business office will be glad to perform an analysis of your benefits to ensure that you are informed of any out-of-pocket expenses.

Sarah House, Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Therapy Services is here at the facility full time and will be glad to meet with you to answer any questions regarding the department.

Please feel free to stop by the facility or contact Sarah directly.
Phone: (309) 245-2407 ext:426
E-mail: sarah.house@rehabcare.com

Physician’s offices may fax referrals directly to the therapy department.
fax #: (309) 245-2107

We are proud to offer our outpatient therapy patients the following services:

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy team specializes in the treatment of our patient’s bones and joints. They also evaluate the nerves and muscles that move the bones. Our therapists perform in-depth evaluations, which provide information about joint motion, flexibility, strength and endurance of the patient. E-stimulation is also provided for improving strength and movement. Ultrasound and Electromagnetic Energy is used for decreasing pain and joint stiffness.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists use their knowledge of the human body to assist our patients in achieving his/her desired level of function. By encouraging our patient’s participation in activities, our therapists can help each patient enhance performance, restore function and maintain health. Through the benefits of occupational therapy, an individual can once again be active in the community.

Speech Therapy

Communication, in any form, is essential for a person to be happy in life. The ability to make safe decisions or communicate effectively can be hindered by many conditions such as dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and trauma. This can quite possibly affect learning, personal relationships, independence, and emotional well-being. Our Speech-Language Pathologists at Farmington Country Manor take every situation into consideration when evaluating our patients. It is a common misconception that a Speech Therapist only provides services related to swallowing issues and speech impairments. Our SLP’s are additionally specially trained to address issues related to dementia such as problem-solving, memory, sequencing, reasoning, and judgment. There are specific assessments that may be performed to provide insight regarding a patient’s cognitive function and stage of disease. Therapists may have the ability to make progress or provide tools that could possibly enhance the ability to successfully perform daily activities. A common concern of family members is also malnutrition, dehydration, weight loss, or other medical complications such as difficulty swallowing. Early identification of problems and individual programming is the first big step toward recovery. Our Speech Therapist can evaluate these concerns.

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